Every human being loves to have street food. India is famous for it’s spices and foods. If you are a foreigner, you will surely want to taste the street food. The aroma of tasty foods, it’s colour, will surely attract you and grab to have that. If it is attracting the foreigners, then just think about we Indians.. For the Indians street food is there part of life!

Everyone loves to have food and yes it is a prime factor of everyone’s life, whether it is a human being or any other animal or bird. Street foods are more famous in metropolitan cities. It is very difficult to leave in a place without money. At least we need to have a hundred rupee note to fill a small part of your stomach. I am pretty sure that a hundred rupee note will not be satisfying in some parts of India.

But in a metropolitan city like Mumbai, it is more than enough to fill your stomach. This can be done by our lovely street food corners. Mumbai is a place where you can find the richest person and a poorest person living without empty stomach. Street food corner is a place where you see rich, middle and a poor class having the same food. That is the magic of street food.

There are various types and varieties of foodstuff at every corner of mumbai you can find that too in your affordable budget. Our panipuri, chinese bhel, noodles, manchurian, bhel, samosa pav,etc. and how can we forget our Indian burger- vadapav. By listening to the name itself, our whole body gets energised and tend to have them.

But there is a foodstuff whose aroma itself makes us crazy and foodie! It is considered as the king of street food. It is our “Pav bhaji”. Pav Bhaji is the quintessential Mumbai street food! It’s a spicy preparation of mashed vegetables, a generous dose of fresh tomatoes, a dollop of butter and consumed with pav, which is usually buttered on all sides.

There is no mumbaikar who would not have tasted pav bhaji. Now it is been made and tried in many other parts of India. Not only India but also in many foreign countries who once came to mumbai and tasted pav bhaji and went back with the recipe to cook at their home. The taste of pav bhaji is so tasty that most of us make at home or book it during any occasion.

It is one of the tastiest and easiest made food. After reading this, I am sure that you will be eager to have pav bhaji. There are thousands of hotels and restaurants who cook tasty pav bhaji.

But as our parents and most of us think about the hygiene and safety, we tend to cook it at home itself. You can avail thousands of websites and links which provides you the cooking steps and ingredients in the internet.

We all love the taste and smell of pav bhaji but does anyone know about how it was originated or where it was? So here comes the answer. The history of the pav bhaji is as delicious as the dish itself. As per popular oral history, it was originated back in the 1850’s when textile mills flourished in Mumbai. Textile workers, who didn’t have a lot of time to eat their lunch, wanted a light meal as they had to return to their physical work. A person saw this problem and in true mumbaiya sense came with a jugaad. He replaced the roti with a pav and the curry with a spicy mixture of vegetables. And thus Pav Bhaji was born!

So Mumbaikars, be proud that the tasty pav bhaji which is loved by all is originated in mumbai and it is our own food. Some people criticise about the street food by saying that it is not clean, hygienic and safe. To those criticisers I would like to say that, We are mumbaikars with foodie mind and for us street food is everything and this small things will never matter. For us they are always safe and can blindly trust more than a five star hotel.

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